YouTube SEO: 7 Advanced SEO Hacks In 2018 To Rank You #1

January 08, 2018
January 08, 2018 | | TAG: Youtube-Seo
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Perhaps, already you know that Youtube is the second largest search engine with daily 30 million active users. It is one of biggest traffic sources to websites, blogs and for marketing purpose. In fact, 35 hours of video is uploaded to youtube every minute. With 4 billion daily video views and with over 800 monthly active users, Youtube stands out as the best video marketing company in the world.

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Today, I would like to share you some advanced Youtube SEO hacks(2018) that will help you rank your video at #1 on Youtube and Google. Are you willing to learn those hacks? Let's Start:

Killer Youtube SEO Hacks in 2018, You must know

#1. Video Keyword Targeting:

Probably, you already know that Google has video results page where you could find videos related to your search. Generally, in that video results tab, youtube videos along with indexed website videos are shown. When you are optimizing a video, you should optimize it for both Youtube and Google. If you target the keywords that don't have any results in Google then you are going to get only Youtube Traffic.

So, you should target keywords that have a good search volume on Google and as well as on Youtube. This method is called 'Video Keyword Targeting'. If you target 'video keywords' then your video will have most chances to rank on the first page of Google.

video keywords youtube

How To Find Video Keywords:
There are some awesome keyword research tools available online like Semrush, Keywordtool.io. You can also find video-keywords using Youtube and google instant search features. Instant search shows keyword suggestions for a keyword you type in the search box.

What next after finding video-Keywords:
Go to the free tool like Google Keyword Planner or to paid tools like Semrush and check the search volume of the video keyword you find. It is better to choose a video-keyword that has more than 500 search volume.

It is one of the simple SEO hacks, to drive traffic to your video from both Youtube and Google. Let's see an Example: If you search for the video keyword 'killer life hacks', there you the first one is the video result, right. In this way, you could drive high traffic to your video, which is also one of the factors of youtube video ranking.

#2. Make Long Videos:

As per Youtube Ranking Metrics analysis, long videos tend to rank at #1 than short videos. Watch Time is one of the important Youtube ranking factors, where your competitors might not concentrate but you should concentrate, it will be a favour for you to rank your video.

Watch Time is nothing but the number of minutes your video is watched. Let's see:


Why this factor is important:
Suppose think that If you make videos of length 10:00 minutes and your competitors are making videos of length 5:00 to 9:00 minutes, then your video will have more watch time than your competitors.

Your 10-minute video is watched approximately 6:00 minutes and it has 10,000 views. Now your watch time is 60,000 minutes.

Your competitor's video of length 6:00 minutes is watched approximately 5:00 minutes and it also has 10,000 views. Now, the watch time is 50,000 minutes.

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If you see the above analysis, views are same but the Watch Time of your video is greater than your competitor's video. So, Your video will push down your competitor's video and ranks at #1.

My suggestion to you is to make videos of at least 5:00 minute long. So that you could generate better watch time.

#3. Attract Visitors To Watch:

This is the point where many of your competitors fail. So, you should make use of this opportunity to drive more video views. If you make long videos and if you fail to attract visitors then your videos will tend to go down. Attracting visitors is not complicated and also not easy. It is the way you express your attitude, to attract visitors to watch your video for a long time.

Here are my methodologies to attract visitors:

  • Use a short intro video not more than 5:00 to 8:00 seconds.
  • In the first 20 seconds after the intro, give a proof to visitors to make them know what they are going to learn after watching your video, give a promise to them that your video is not fake, and show them a preview of the video.
  • You might already know the quote, 'The First Impression is the best impression', which works here also. If you apply the above step, then 70-80% of the users will definitely be attracted towards video to watch it totally. And also, 50% of your video will definitely be watched, rest is based on your talent.
  • At the end or after the preview of the video, leave a tricky question that makes your visitors comment on your question. So that you could generate better user response.

  • At the end, ask them to like and share, your video. And also, ask them to do subscribe to your channel. If they do subscribe immediately after watching the video, then it sends a better user response signal to the youtube algorithm.

#4. Attractive Video Thumbnails:

After the above three Youtube SEO hacks, Video Thumbnail is one of the most important factors. Because 60% of the video clicks are because of attractive thumbnails according to Youtube Report. Most of the people click on a video by seeing video thumbnail, not by seeing video title.

My suggestion to you is not to use irrelevant thumbnails for videos because it drastically decreases your response rate. Even though you get a huge number of views, you Watch Time will be very low. Probably, you might know about Youtube 2017 update has video preview feature to decrease these types of techniques.

attractive youtube thumbnails

Here are my methodologies to make Thumbnails:

  • Use a close-up of person's face.
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  • Choose and use an image that conveys emotion.
  • Include short text yet powerful text.
  • Select an image that is most related to your video content.
  • Use bright colours and include your logo on it.
  • Use consistent style. It must be of dimension 1280x720 pixels.

#5. Optimize For Youtube Algorithm:

Each and every video in your channel should be optimized for Youtube algorithm to get rankings.
Here is how to do it:

Vide Filename
After you have completed creating your video, include your video keyword in your video's filename.

Example: If your video topic on, 'killer life hacks' then your video title should be like 'killer-life-hacks.mp4'.

Video Title:
It is very important youtube SEO factor. You should name your video Title including your video keyword in it, at the beginning or somewhere else in the title.

Maintain perfect length for your video title i.e not greater than 60-70 chars.

As per some SEO analysis, using video keyword at the beginning of your video title attains more CTR.

Example: Let's say you are trying to rank your video for the keyword, 'SEO powerful tips' then your video title should look like this: 'SEO Powerful Tips: Learn To Crack No.1 Place'

Video Description:
Youtube depends on your video title and description to determine your video content. Generally, video ads are shown according to it.

Write a good description of length minimum 800-1000 words, and also use video keyword and LSI keywords in it. Use also, a hashtag, and place a link to a website in it.

Video Tags:

Tags are very important to show up your video on related video's tab in the sidebar. While you add tags to your video add most related and engaging tags. Use Youtube Instant search to find Video Tags.

You can also use VidIQ and TubeBuddy extensions to find tags of other's video. If you use the same tags of your competitors then your video is most likely to be shown in related videos of your competitor's video.

Caution: Don't use duplicate tags or else your video will be penalized.

Video Quality:
It is not a seo factor but it will drive the user's attention. Edit your videos as professionally as you can. Make sure you publish a video of HD quality (i.e > 720p). If your video is of low quality, then your visitors are going quit, no way.

Use Professional tools like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro for video editing. If you are new then use Wondershare Filmora.

Video SRT Files(optional):

This is a user interaction hack. If a user is unable to follow you on video, he goes for transcript feature which available on youtube. That transcript feature, highlights what you are saying in the video. So that user easily understands what you are saying.

#6. Perfect Tags With TubeBuddy

Go to TubeBuddy Website and install the extension. It is available for, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. You use it free or you can upgrade to access the powerful features. I recommend new Youtubers to the go with the free plan. If you want to upgrade, the best plan is, STAR. It saves your time with bulk-processing tools.


Once the Extension is installed, link your youtube channel with it. That's all. Now, open your competitor's video, at the sidebar you could see the tags that your competitor used. Below you could see, 'show rankings' button click it, so that you will get a rank for each tag. Choose tags with rank #1, #2, #3. In the same way, analyze video tags of video's ranked on the first page and use them in your video.

#7. Promoting Your Video Yourself

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Till now we have seen various factors and hacks that affect your ranking, and they are very important. If you want to rank your video for competitive Keywords, then it needs to get a lot of views. If your video views are more then rankings will be more.

Here is how to get more views:
Along with your Youtube channel, you should have Facebook pages, Twitter Account, Google+ Page. Share all of your youtube videos on these brand pages so that your social audience will watch your video. This strategy gets you more video views.

Share your video on Q/A sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers. Quora is best Q/A site with Alexa Global rank less than 150. Give answer to question related to your video topic and place your video link. But if do this vigorously, you will get banned from Quora.

quora video

Say about your Youtube channel on your blogs and websites to get visitors and subscribers. And also, share your video's in your blogs posts related to your video content.

Market your youtube video through Emails. Make an Email-list of your channels likers, and share them the latest videos you publish on your channel through Email.

These are the Youtube SEO hacks that work well in this 2018. These are the strategies that I followed to rank my videos at the top. If you would like to share your Youtube SEO strategies with us or with your fellow readers, do use the comment section.
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