Access Blocked Websites: Know 13 Ways Bypass Them Easily

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access blocked sites
access blocked websites

We might often see restrictions on some websites like Facebook and Youtube at our colleges, Office and Work-places. Some websites might be blocked by your ISP due to some country restrictions. If you are looking at workaround methods to bypass the block or access blocked websites then follow the 13 effective methods listed below.

We are not responsible for any misuse of this tutorial. It is just for knowledge sake.

Different types of blocks need different types of techniques to bypass, try these 13 methods so that you could find the method that works for you. If you would like to share other methods that bypass the block with your fellow readers, do use the comment section.

Follow The 13 Effective Methods To Access Blocked Websites:

1. Recast the URL(HTTP to Https):

This is a very simple method. This method work on sites which are hosted in VPN which does not have a verified SSL certificate installed. For such websites, implement the below two steps:

1. Open your browser and go to the address bar of the website.
2. Try typing https://www.url.com instead of typing www.url.com or http://www.url.com.

As you are accessing the domain with Unverified SLL(HTTP) like Verified SSL(https), your browser will show you a security notice saying Proceed Anyway or Back to safety. You just click on the Proceed Anyway button so that you could get access to the blocked website.

recast url

2. Accessing Via IP Instead Of URL:

This method will work rarely because only some block a website using its name or URL. For Example: If your ISP wants block youtube.com then the block might be applied on www.youtube.com or Youtube, but not on the IP of the website.

You could find the IP of a certain SITE using the below two ways:
1. Use IP finder websites like ipinfo.info or ip-tracker.org etc.
2. Type ping www.website.com in Mac Terminal or in Command prompt to get the IP.

Ex: If you get IP like for ping www.website.com then, place the IP in the address bar of the browser and press Enter to access the site.

3. Using Proxy Websites:

Often, Employees, students and those who are in a professional environment, there would be some boundaries and restrictions to access some particular websites. To bypass the website restrictions there are many proxy websites available to browse the websites.

Proxy sites act as a mediator between the user and server. Proxy sites remove all restriction of ISP blocked websites and allow you to access the blocked website. If would like to find a proxy site for youtube just type youtube proxy site on Google.

Recomended: ProxySite.com, Hidester.com, hide.me

4. Converting to URL to Short URL.

It is also a rare working method. By converting the banned URL to short URL using a Short URL services like goo.gl, bitly or SnipURL then while on redirection it sometimes bypasses the block so that you could access it.

5. Accessing With Cached Version:

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo cache webpages that are indexed. Similarly, the blocked web-pages are also cached. These cached web-pages are stored on respective search engine servers. You can make use of the cached version to get access to the blocked site. See the below images which show you how to get a cached version of site and how a cached version will look like.

google cache

6. Bypass With URL Translation:

There are some best translation services like Google Translate and Bing Translate, to convert from one language to another language. Moreover, these translation services won't be blocked in institutions or even in countries but not exactly. Enter the URL of the blocked website and convert it to another language that you know. You can also retranslate it. Now, click on the translated URL so that the translation service you are using fetch and shows the result on their own page. This is a very simple tweak to get access.

bypass with google translate

7. Manual Proxy SetUp In Browser:

Here, we are going add an additional proxy layer in our browser using free proxy server websites like Hidemyass to access blocked sites. These type of websites provide a proxy IP with Port number, that you should paste into your browser. Choose the proxy that has good speed and fast connection type.

For Chrome Users:
1. Go to Setting tab, scroll bottom and click on Advanced Settings.
2. Go to Open proxy settings option and click it. Now, click on Lan Settings.
3. There check Use proxy server option. At the Address place the Proxy IP and at Port place the Port Number.
4. Now, you should also check 'Bypass proxy for local server' and click Ok and Save.

For Firefox Users:
1. Go to Options, General Tab, and scroll bottom.
2. Click Network Settings Option and choose Manual Proxy Configuration.
3. At HTTP Proxy add your Proxy IP and at port add Port Number.
3. Check 'use this proxy for all protocols and click Ok.
Now you are all set. You can browse the unrestricted Internet.

8. Changing Normal To Public DNS:

Most Internet Service Providers(ISP) use custom DNS to block the websites. For example: Let's say is public DNS of Google. ISPs map this public DNS to custom DNS like and provides you the internet with some restrictions. Basically, this method will be used by Colleges and some companies. You can easily bypass the block using the Google Public DNS instead of the Custom DNS.

Google Ipv4 Address:
Google Ipv6 Address:
Open DNS(optional):

Windows Users:
1. Go to Network Connections and choose type through which you are accessing the Internet(i.e through WiFi or Ethernet or Bluetooth).
2. Now, go to Properties and select Ipv4/Ipv6 settings and then select 'Use preferred DNS option.
3. Place the public Ipv4 Google DNS there. Similarly, change the Ipv6 settings.

Apple Mac Users:
1. Open System Preferences and click the Network icon
2. There will be your connection list. Choose the one which you are using currently(Green bubble indication).
3. Click it, then click the Advanced button near the bottom-right of the window.
4. Now, click DNS tab and change your DNS.

Android Users:
1. Open your Wifi settings. Long press on the connected Wifi network.
2. Tap Modify -> show advanced settings -> DHCP -> Static Ip. There modify your DNS1 and DNS1 to Public DNS.

Open DNS is also the best and fastest one to use but I recommend Google's Public DNS. If you do these settings then there is a high possibility to access blocked websites.

9. Accessing With VPN:

Virtual Private Networks(VPN) allows you to other networks securely and anonymously. By using VPN, you could get access all blocked websites in your country. The best VPN is not free if it is free then their something fault in that. I recommend you to go with paid VPNs.

Whenever you open blocked websites or other websites using VPN, you identify will not be shown to other even to your Country security officials, and the search data won't be recorded. If you want more strong security then use TOR and VPN combination.

Here are some best VPN services you which you would like to use:

1. IP vanish
2. Express VPN

10. Using RSS Feed:

If the blocked website contains the RSS feed support then you can access it using RSS reader. These RSS readers are very helpful in getting fresh content from the websites with RSS feed Enabled. Just go an RSS reader website and add RSS Feed.

What if the site is not RSS Feed enabled? Don't worry! You can easily create an RSS Feed using Page2RSS service. Place the blocked website URL and generate the RSS Feed then add it to the RSS reader.

11. Bypass With Extensions:

Extensions are also very helpful to access blocked websites. But, the problem is all sites can't be accessible. Instead, top sites like Google, Facebook, and Youtube can be accessible. It would be better if try the extensions, as part. My recommendation is Hola-Free VPN extension.

12. Using Internet Archive - Wayback Machine:

I like this Wayback Machine service very much because it helps to back up the lost content. This service stores a copy of all websites over the internet, including its older versions. You can use this service to access the blocked websites too. Generally, bloggers use this site mostly for site backup.

wayback Machine

13. Using TOR Browser:

TOR browser allows you to browse internet anonymously, location won't be tracked. Use duck duck go search engine while you browse. You just download the TOR browser and install it on your computer/Laptop. Open the TOR, click on Connect to start the TOR network connection. This browser helps you to open the blocked websites.

I recommend you to try these techniques so that you could find the method working for you. You can also share the method that worked for you with your fellow readers in the comment section if you would like to. But don't forget to share this article on social media if feel benefited.

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