How To Identify Fonts Used In Any Photo Or Image (Best Trick)

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detect fonts in any image
identify fonts in any image

Identifying fonts used in an image: You might be wondered to detect fonts in pictures. And you might have some questions in your mind like "Is it possible?". As the technology is becoming more advanced day-by-day your questions and doubts are becoming fail. But things happening are quite opposite to your thoughts.

The things which you have never thought of before are becoming possible with the latest technology which we have now. Let's be frank, If you have seen a stunning and beautiful font somewhere online or in an image that you'd like to include/use in your own project, how do know what the font is called?

Have you ever thought of identifying the font for the text used in an image if copy-pasting the text is impossible? Even tougher, what about when the font is embedded in an image? It might take you hours to identify the font used in an image.

Here are we with an easy solution for this complicated problem. Now it takes seconds to detect the fonts used in pictures using photoshop and some other online font detector sites. So that you could easily use the font you liked for your projects and for the other purposes.

Guide To Identify Fonts Used In Any Image Or Photo:

This is a straightforward and simple method. Now you just follow the guide which we have made for you.

Here we will be using software like Adobe Photoshop and some online websites like WhatTheFont, WhatFontIs etc, to detect fonts in pictures.

All the photoshop cc versions have this feature. You can follow the same process below to detect the font style of the text used in an image.

Detecting Fonts In Picture With Photoshop:

#Step1: You must photoshop installed on your computer. If you have not installed it go to the Adobe Photoshop site and download and install it.

identify fonts

#Step2: Open the Photoshop on your computer. Press ctrl+o select the image from which you wish to identify the font style of the text used.

detect fonts

#Step3: Now select the selection tool and select the text of which you'd like to detect the font style in the image. Now move ahead to Type-> MatchFont from the menu.

#Step4: Now the photoshop will show you the font name of the text that you have selected in the image. It will also suggest you select fonts from Typekit Fonts of the same font family of the text selected.

#Step5: Now you can easily search for the font style using the font name so that you could download and use the font.

Detecting Fonts Using Websites:

1. WhatTheFont

WhatTheFont is the best and free font recognition web app. It is very easy to use and there is no signup process. It is well known for most of the font lovers.

Go to the WhatTheFont Website, click choose file and select the image in which you want to identify the font. Now click on upload button and the site will take care the rest of process.


While uploading the images follow these three tips:
1. Don't upload image size greater than 2mb.
2. Try to upload horizontal images.
3. Ensure that in the image letters are not touching each other.

If your image doesn't match these requirements edit it in photoshop, modify it and then upload it.

It will now ask you to point a letter on the image, give the letter of you need the font name. Now the web app will show you font name suggestions that it found.

In this way could easily find the name of the font used in any image or photo.

There are some other websites which you follow to do this process - FontSquirrel, IdentiFont, FontSprin, WhatFontIs.

Final Words:

Here I have discussed how to identify fonts in pictures using Web Apps and Adobe Photoshop. I think these are the best modern ways to detect the fonts used in images. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have tried other web apps like FontSquirrel, WhatFontIs etc, comment your experience. And also you can comment other ways of finding font names of the text used in an image.

Your valuable comments, opinions, and suggestions make a lot of value for us and for other readers. Help the readers to find other modern ways to do this process.

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