How To Download Whastapp Statuses And Videos From Facebook, Youtube

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download videos from youtube
download videos from facebook

People are very interested in downloading videos from Facebook, Youtube and as well as WhatsApp Statuses. But, many don't know how to download them. In spite of your thoughts, it is very easy to do that process without using any application.

Why People are very keen to download videos:

As we already know Youtube and Facebook are the top social networks in the world. Every day billions of people hit their sites to surf videos and posts. While surfing videos they might be attracted to some videos and wish to download them, it might be related to education, entertainment, facts or whatever it may be.

People will do vigorous research on their mobiles and laptops to download videos from Youtube and Facebook. Some may get succeed and some may not. And also I have seen people searching to download WhatsApp statuses which their friends post.

For all of them, this article is the best place to get their wish fulfilled. Here is the step by step clear-cut process, just go through it.

Downloading Videos From The Youtube:

There are two ways to download videos from the Youtube Without using any software or application and no need of logging in to the youtube to do this process.


There are some top sites like savefromnet, keepVid etc, to download youtube videos in HD quality.

First, go to youtube.com and open the video which you may like to download. In the URL tab of your browser, you could find the link to the video which you have opened. Copy the link.


Here I have used savefromnet site that you can clearly see in the below image. You can also do the same process using keepVid.

download videos from youtube using savefromnet

Now go to savefromnet or keepvid site. There you can see an empty input tab asking to place a link to download video, place the link youtube copied in that empty tab. Now click fetch button so that your video download links will appear.

download videos from facebook using savefromnet

Now click the download button to download the video. You can also download the video in 360, 720,240 formats and also in mp3 format.


There are some popular add-ons available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. With the help of them, you could easily download videos from Youtube and as well as from Facebook.

Video Download Helper (Addon), Youtube audio and video downloader (Addon, Only for Firefox) and savefromnet Extension (Addon) are the best add-ons to download videos. Savefromnet (Addon) will help you to download videos from both youtube and facebook.


Just open the video you liked to download on youtube. At the bottom of the video, besides Channel Subscription button you could see a download button. Click that button to download the current video.

Here I have used Savefromnet Extension. Similarly, you can use the other add-ons.

Downloading Videos From Facebook:

It very easy to download videos from the facebook if you have installed savefromnet extension. If you have installed that addon whenever you watch a video on facebook you could see a download symbol on the video(see the below image). Now click on it so that you can download the required video.


Downloading Whatsapp Statuses.

I have already mentioned that many people are searching to download WhatsApp statuses. Here is a way for that process and you don't need any app or software to do this.


1.Open your WhatsApp and go to the statuses tab.

2. Now watch the statuses which you like.

3. Close your WhatsApp and open your File manager. And go to Device storage.

download whatsapp statuses

4. Search for the Whatsapp folder and open it. Now go to Media folder.


5. In the top right corner you could three dots or More option click it. Now tap on Show hidden files so that a hidden .Statuses folder will be shown. Open that folder.

6. There you could see all your statuses which you have watched. In fact, they are downloaded by WhatsApp itself.

Final words:

In these ways, you could download videos from Facebook, Youtube, and the Whatsapp statuses. I hope that you have enjoyed the article.

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