How To Remove Pre-Installed Keylogger From Your HP Laptop

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remove hp keylogger
check and remove hp keylogger

If you are one of the HP laptop users then your data is likely to be stolen. Yes, what you are listening is true.

A security researcher Michael Myng discovered a pre-installed keylogger in more than 460 HP Laptops which records all your keystrokes that you type on your keyboard. He reported this security vulnerability to HP company.

The company confirmed the keylogger presence in its laptops and said that it was basically a debug trace which might be caused in the development process.

Moreover, The company said that the keylogger was disabled by default, it can be enabled via Windows Registry only by a user with administrative privileges(UAC).

What is a Keylogger?

People with less technical knowledge might not know about keyloggers. The name keylogger itself gives an idea of what it is. It is a hardware add-on or software which is used by third party person hackers to steal your data that you type on your keyboard.

The same Keylogger was found in the Synaptics Touchpad drivers of HP Laptops. After this security vulnerability was reported to HP by Michael Myng, HP quickly addressed this issue and released new driver and software updates which will remove the pre-installed keylogger. The company shared information about all affected HP Laptop models at its support website.

How To Check And Remove HP Keylogger?

First, check whether your laptop model is present in the list of affected HP Laptop models. If it is one of the affected models then download and install the updated drivers to remove the HP keylogger. The links are available at the consultative page.

Before you update the driver check the version of it by visiting C:\Windows\System32\drivers. Find and right click on the file SynTP.sys. Now go to Properties and under the Details tab, you could check the product version of the driver.

The HP company stated that the security patch for the vulnerability is available through Windows Update. Once you update your Windows Os then you will get rid of the keylogger.

If you have disabled automatic Windows Updates then go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools. Find and open the Services app. Now click on Windows update and change Manual/Disabled to Automatic.

Protect yourself from keyloggers and other hacking tricks and stay secure.
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