Hide Your Personal Files Inside Images Without using any Software

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hide your files inside images
Hide Your Personal Files inside images

The process of hiding files inside images is called 'Steganography'. This process is very efficient in protecting the personal information from others.

There are many software's available that you can download and hide your files in images but here in this process, we are not going to use any software.

Even though the process looks complicated, it is a very easy. We gonna use CMD(command prompt) to hide your files inside images.

I think this is one of the best ways to protect your personal files and folders from intruders.

Let's start hiding:

How To Hide Files Inside Images

1. Select a file/folder that you wanna hide. Using WinRAR software compress the file/folder to .zip or .rar format. And also choose an image in which you wanna put this .zip or .rar file.


2. For easy making move your .zip or .rar file and image to your desktop.


3. Press windows key + R and type cmd and hit enter, so that the command prompt opens. To set your path to desktop run cd Desktop command. In the same way, you should set the path to the directory in cmd in which your .zip or .rar file is present.

cd Desktop

4. Now run this command: copy /b c.png+Woking.rar protected.png. This command hides your file Woking.rar inside a new image protected.png. Make sure replace c.png with your image and Woking.rar with your file.

copy command in cmd

5. If your files are successfully copied then it returns 1files(s) copied message.

6. To see your files that are protected in the image(protected.png), open the image with WinRAR software. Now you can extract them if you want.

open with winrar

While using line4 command make sure your file name and image name are correct. If not when you run the command it returns 1 file(s) copied message but when you open the protected file with Winrar you will get an error.

This process is one of the best ways to hide because even if you open the protected image it opens as an image so that no one can find that you have saved some data in that image. One can find the data in protected image only if he opens it with Winrar software.

Only people who have good knowledge in this tricks opens image files with Winrar. Hope you enjoyed the article.

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