How To Find Your System's Public And Private IP Address

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Let's Talk about Ip Address:

Each and every device has an address called "Ip Address" which is very helpful to connect with other devices and internet. All the devices have two types of IP addresses one is public and the other is private.

Private Ip Address can only be seen on the local network connection. Whenever you are connected to other computers on a local connection your private IP address will be exposed. This can also be called as Local IP address.

Public IP Address is what devices connected on the internet will see. This public IP address is nothing but the duplicate of your private IP address which points to your device. This public IP address is assigned by your ISP(Internet Service Provider) whenever your device is connected with internet. This can also be called as External Ip address.

This Private IP Address is used for communication within a network whereas public IP is used for communication over the internet. In fact, you cannot connect your system directly to the internet with private IP Address. Similarly, Systems outside the local network can't be connected directly with private IP. With the help of Routers and other similar devices that support NAT(Network Address Translation), you can interconnect two private networks.

Lets's See:

How To Find Public Ip Address?

Finding your public IP is very easy. There are many websites that you can use to find your public IP address. Websites on the internet can easily track your public IP Address as it is exposed on the Internet.

Almost all public IP's are dynamic, which means that they change from time to time. Here are two best public IP address tracing websites.

1. Find ur Ip
2. Nordvpn Ip Checker

public ip checker

Both the websites easily detect your public IP. There are some VPN's for your Android, iPhone, Computer's which help you to change your public IP Address. These VPN apps are provided by Nordvpn.

How to Find Your Private IP Address?

Checking On Windows:

In Windows we are going to use Command Prompt to find our private IP address. Just Press Windows Key + R. Now in the run dialog box type CMD and hit enter.

Now type ipconfig in the command prompt so that you will get all connection information. There you can find your Private Ip which is marked as IPV4 Address.

checking private ip on windows

Checking On Linux:

Here we gonna use Terminal to find it. Just open the Linux terminal and type sudo ip addr show and hit enter. Now it will ask for your administrator password, enter it and hit Enter so that you will get all connection information. Here also Ipv4 Address is your systems Private IP address.

checking private ip on linux

There is also another command available in Linux to find private Ip. Just type /sbin/iconfig and hit enter. If you don't have administrative privileges then type sudo /sbin/ifconfig and hit Enter. Now you will get all connection information.

private ip finding on linux

How To Find Geo Location Using IP?

There many websites to find geolocation of user using the IP address. My best suggested site is keycdn ip locator. Go to the site it will automatically detect your geolocation using your public IP Address. It will tell your country, ISP, and Time-zone using the public IP.

If it failed to detect your geolocation automatically then paste your public IP address and do Lookup.

user location finding using ip

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