Kotlin To Replace Java For Android App Development (2017)

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kotlin replaces java
Kotlin to java

At Google, I/O 2017 Google launched a new programming language for android app development called KOTLIN. Kotlin is a statically typed programming language for modern multiplatform applications and it runs on Java virtual machine. It can be compiled to Javascript source code or use the LLVM compiler infrastructure.

It is primarily developed by JetBrains Programmers Team based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. As java is named after an Indonesian island 'Java', Kotlin is also named after 'Kotlin' island which is near St. Petersburg.

The syntax of Kotlin is most likely similar to Pascal programming language and it supports both object-oriented and procedural methods of programming. It also works as a backend programming language.

Kotlin is fully supported language starting from Android Studio 3 and JetBrains provides a plugin for Eclipse for Kotlin support.

Many top companies like Amazon Web Services, Pinterest, Netflix, Uber etc are using Kotlin for their Android production apps and also as a backend programming language.

Why are People shifting to Kotlin? Let's Find Out.

First of all, Kotlin has a clean and modern syntax that is compatible with Java. It is safer, convenient, simple and reduces the number of mistakes and crashes of a program. It has a good IDE support.

Kotlin code is easily readable, concise, Interoperable and friendly. The code can be compiled in short time with the faster output. Anyone who works with java can easily code in Kotlin. As compared to other programming languages the advantage in Kotlin is mentioning semi-colon after a line of code is optional.

Why do you want to shift to Kotlin Right now:

These are some reasons:

1. Concise: Drastically reduce the amount of boilerplate code.
2. Safe: Avoid entire classes of errors such as null pointer exceptions.
3. Interoperable: Leverage existing libraries for the JVM, Android, and the browser.
4. Tool-friendly: Choose any Java IDE or build from the command line.

Features Of Kotlin:

1. Kotlin has a great feature that you can use it to interact with server-side Javascript such as node.js. You can also use it to create and interact with DOM elements(DATA MODELLING OBJECTS). It also helps in the creation of graphical elements for your web-pages using WebGL.

2. You can develop applications for Android, Browsers and JVM(Java Virtual Machine).

Advantages of Kotlin:

1. It is much safer than Java programming language.
2. It’s seamlessly integrated with Android Studio.
3. It makes the android development much easier.
4. It is funny and friendly language that is easy to code and learn.
5. Kotlin has multi-platform support for App development.
6. It is 100% interoperable with Java.
7. The code can be written without NullPointerExceptions.
8. The program can be coded in a fewer number of lines.

How does Kotlin change the Future Android Development

The major programming languages that are used for Mobile app development are most absolutely Java, Swift, C#, Python, Objective-c, C++, and C but today Kotlin is one of them. Kotlin is drastically changing the mode of mobile app development.

In fact, as per studies, more than 23% of apps were built with Kotlin before Google I/o summit 2017 which is a fast growth that Kotlin attained in just a time frame of 3-5 months. Coming years 2018+ will be the years of Kotlin as it makes the development faster and more fun.

If you are a Java-based Android app developer without Kotlin skills then you are absolutely at risk because Kotlin is going to overtake the current position of Java. So it would be better if you shift from Java to Kotlin to avoid the risks of future app development.

How to get started with Kotlin. It's simple, here are some awesome good rated courses and books on Udemy and Amazon. These courses and books will help you to get started with Kotlin programming.

Video Courses:

1. Kotlin for Beginners: Learn Programming With Kotlin

2. The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course

3. The Complete Kotlin & Android 8 (Oreo) Developer Course 2017

Amazon Books:

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