24 Seo Link Building Techniques That Always Work

September 02, 2017
seo link building
Seo Link Building

Hello My dear friends,

👉 Have you got confused with Link Building?

👉 Have you searched vigorously to build Backlinks and got discouraged?

Nothing to worry. Here I have shared some important strategies and techniques that you can use to build backlinks to your site naturally.

Like you I also demoralized with Link Building but after several months of research, I have got a basic idea on link building. This helped me a lot to move forward and research for new ways to build backlinks.

In the process of research, I have found some great ways to build organic backlinks to my site which I have listed below. Take a look at those techniques.


Before getting started, you must know about Link Building and Backlinks.

What is Link Building?

It is the process of getting other websites in your niche to link to your web pages. It is a time-consuming and hard process. But this will we have a greater impact on your SERPs.

The more backlinks your page has means that your page has valuable content that is useful for the people. Google treats your page as worthy and it will begin to rank your page.

The more difficult to get a link, the more value it has. Links from the authoritative sites like Neilpatel.com has more value and greater impact on SERPs than links from a newly created website.

While you are building links you must be cautious about low-quality links and unnatural links. If your site contains these types of links then Google will penalize your site surely.


The numbers of external links that point to your site.

There are two types of backlinks one is do-follow and other is nofollow. Dofollow links pass link juice from one site to another whereas nofollow links are not.

Having more do-follow links is best then to have more nofollow links. Because, if your site has more nofollow links then Google gets an idea that your site is not valuable and begin to decrease your rankings.

Remember That:

Having do-follow links is best but without a nofollow link is not good. I think that you will understand this logic.

Matt Cutts, head of web spam team at Google, says that:

The Objective Is Not To Make Your Links Appear Natural The Objective Is That Your Links Are Natural

Over the past few years, link building strategies have changed due to algorithm updates from Google. As a matter of fact, Google made this changes particularly to avoid low-quality sites from SERPs.

As per SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is concerned, we must take guidelines of the search engines into account to avoid penalization from them. Link Building is a part of seo so I recommending you to go with white hat link building.

Follow This Link Building Strategy

Here is a strategy that I have followed and been following to build links to my site. Let me explain to you why you should go with this strategy.

Suppose, If you build 500 backlinks at a time for a newly created site or to a site that has no backlinks yet then search engine will penalize thinking that you are tricking it to get better results in SERPs.

See, the search engine is just a programmed machine. It doesn't have any intelligence as humans. It works according to the program written. It just considers how frequently and strategically your sites get backlinks.

  • In the first month, I have created 10 backlinks to my website homepage.
  • In the second I have created 10 - 15 backlinks mostly to homepage and 1-2 for my web pages.
  • In the third month, I have created 20-35 backlinks for both homepage and internal web pages.
  • From fourth month onwards, I started focusing on building links majorly to my web pages and created nearly 50-75 links.
  • In the fifth month, I have created nearly 100 links to my web pages.
  • From sixth month onwards, I have started to create unlimited backlinks to my sites.

You can also make use of the strategy to avoid penalization from Google. I think this is the best process to build links.

Common Backlink Building mistakes

1. Don't link to sites that contain spammy or low-quality content.
2. Decrease No-follow links.
3. Be sure to avoid links from sites not in your niche.
4. Avoid buying/ selling links to avoid penalization.
5. Building links without targeted keyword in the anchor text of links.
6. Over optimizing the anchor text without anchor text diversity and without brand name mention.
7. Exchanging your backlinks with others.
8. Don't build lots of backlinks in a short time. I have already mentioned this, you should follow a strategy as stated above.

Link Building Techniques For Better Rankings

1. Link Building with Guest Blogging

Submitting your work on others' blogs. Write a great article with awesome and SEO optimized content, find a blog that accepts guest posting, ask them to view your article and then publish on their blog.

Don't copy content from other people blogs for guest posting. Don't submit your post again in your blog that is guest posted. Don't stuff the guest posted article with links.

Guest posting is not that much easy. The post you submitted will be reviewed by them and if they satisfy with your content then they will publish your post. Don't worry if you're capable of writing good articles.

I don't think writing articles for others is not a good way but to grow your blog you should do it. In fact, this the best natural way to build quality backlinks to your site. Here are some high PR sites that accept guest posting.

Hubspot.com, Copyblogger.com, Kismetrics, Smashing Magazine, Moz.com and shoutmeloud.com etc.

2. Getting Backlinks Through Guestographics


Guestographics is not an easy process...

It is a new link building technique with the help of Infographics. I am sure it will increase your organic traffic consistently if you made an infographic that contains valuable information.

You can make use of canva.com to design infographics. Make sure your infographic must contain 7-10 data points.

In the same way as you do guest blogging, you must make a good infographic and make it look awesome. The more attractive your infographic is, the more people will embed your infographic on their sites.

If they place your infographic on their site then they will credit you. So, you can make quality links to your site with this guestographic technique.

Here you must find people that accept your infographic or you can make use of visual.ly to find people.

If anybody is using your infographic without a proper credit, you can find those people through google reverse image search. And you can ask them to give a proper credit to you in a positive manner.


3. Broken link Building

This an awesome method which I always use to build links to my site. Broken link building is like finding a finding a bug in a program and fixing it.

The internet is broken...


Every day millions of backlinks become broken due to the expiration of hosting, deletion of web pages and due to other facts.

Here is an add-on CheckMyLink that you can use to find broken links on other sites. It gives detailed information on the link and the type of error.

What next after finding a broken link...

...You should contact the owner of the website and tell him about the broken link you found. As you have done a small favor of pointing out a broken link, they might do your favor of including a link to your website.

If you have a post written on a specific topic you can search for the broken links on that topic. After a finding a broken link on your topic you can ask them to replace the broken link with your link.

In this strategy, you can build a large number of high-quality natural links in a scalable way. It helps you to grow more. So I suggest you follow the broken link building technique.

4. Make .Edu And .gov Backlinks

In link building, Google treats these .Edu and .Gov backlinks as authoritative and gives more preference to the sites with more .edu and .gov backlinks.

In my view, it is one of the best among link building techniques because it doesn't matter how many links you have but matters how many authoritative links you have.

Everybody has high-quality .com or something else backlinks but only a few have .edu and .gov backlinks pointing to their site because getting .edu and .gov backlinks is not an easy task.

If you are the one among the few then you are the most authoritative than your competitors with .com or something else backlinks.

These .edu and .gov backlinks are authoritative because they are trusted sites, have high Domain Authority and due to other factors.

You can build .edu and .gov backlinks through natural blog commenting, writing a blog post about their system and donating/promoting them.

You can make use of .edu or .gov forms and blogs to build backlinks.

In this way, you can find .edu and .gov sites. Simply search like this in Google.

  • site:.edu inurl:blog
  • site:.edu "keyword" "blog posts"
  • site:.edu "keyword" "blog posts"

In the similar ways, you can find .gov sites. Try to make as many quality .edu and .gov backlinks as possible because the link juice from these websites is very powerful.

5. Build Backlinks Through Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one among the best link building techniques. I use this method rarely because there are some penguin attacking issues with this if you try to build unnatural backlinks.

In Blog Commenting, it is must and should to find the blogs whose comment links are do-follow because many blogs use the no-follow commenting system.


If you build links through blog comments without knowing whether it is a do-follow/no-follow commenting system then you are going get Penguin attack.

You can use this search term to find the best comments site.

site:.edu inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “Your Keyword”

You can also add the noDofollow add-on to whether the links in comments of a blog are do-follow/no-follow.

You can also use Drop My Link commenting service which I use to find the right blog to comment on. It is good to install SEOquake plugin which keeps a close watch on the blog's progress. It is available for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers.

While you are commenting on blogs leave a valuable comment, not just 1-2 lines. Don't comment only to do build backlinks and don't insert more than one link in a comment.

6. Make Backlinks Through Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking helps you to build backlinks and it also helps in getting traffic to your site.

There are more than 250+ social bookmarking sites among them Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg are some most popular social bookmarking sites. You can make use of these to bookmark your web pages.

Make as many bookmarks as you can if you are a newbie blogger because it gives strength to your blog.

You can also make use of social media profiles like facebook, twitter, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest to build links back to your site.

These social media profile links are not backlinks but they are considered as links. These profiles have the major impact in getting traffic to your website and to grow your business.

See :

Here are some another ways of link building techniques...

...Try these to make backlinks to your site.

7. Submit your blog to directories such Dmoz directory.

8. Make a Wiki-Page for yourself and place your website link. You can also make backlinks by creating brand pages.

9. Make use of discussion boards like Quora to build backlinks.

10. Link your website in high-quality Forum signatures.

11. Participate in Q/A sites like Yahoo Answers and make use of web 2.0 sites like Blogger, Tumblr to promote your blog.

12. Write a great Ebook and link your web pages whenever required.

13. Make a slide/Ppt and submit it to Linkedin Slide Share so that you could get traffic and as well as backlinks.

14. Make the strong relationship with your fellow bloggers so that you could get easy backlinks.

15. Sell your photos on sites like Shutterstock, Istock photos and place a link to your website.

16. Make some donation to organization/ educational institutes to get .edu and .gov backlinks.

17. Make Use of Google Groups and Yahoo Groups.

18. Convert all your blog posts to a pdfs and submit them to document sharing sites like DocStoc, Scribd, Google Docs, Gazhoo.com

19. Make a press release about important updates of your blog.

20. Create a youtube channel and make videos on your blog posts and place a link in the description.

21. List your product on E-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay and include a link back to your site.

22. Submit your posts to blog communities like Blog Engage, Inbound Etc.

23. Write posts on upcoming bloggers or Top bloggers to get backlinks from them.

24. Make use of Share To Twitter Buttons.

Final Words

I think this article might help you to build links in a scalable way. While your making links concentrate on the quality of the links. Generate do-follow backlinks so that you could get link juice.

I recommend you t concentrate more on the broken link building so that you could generate high-quality links easily.

In fact, I have shared the methods which I used to build links here. I hope that You enjoyed the article.

Please comment some other ways that you use to build backlinks in the comment section so that visitors can know your link building techniques.

Have a nice day!!!

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