How To Convert A Song To Chipmunk Version In Audacity

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Convert A Song To Chipmunk Version In Audacity


Here I gonna tell you how to convert a song to chipmunk version using software called Audacity. Audacity is a free open source audio manipulation software.

Before getting started, you should download and install Audacity Software. If you already have it that is well and good.

Next step is to select a song that you want to convert to chipmunk version.

After the setup is completed it's time to convert your song to chipmunk version.

1. Open your Audacity Software. Go to file -> open and select your song or else you can directly access by pressing CTRL+O keyboard shortcut.


2. After you have opened your desired song, go to Edit -> Select -> All to select the entire song or else you can use this CTRL + Akeyboard shortcut.


3. Now go to Effect and select change pitch.


4. As the Chipmunks are a cartoon band that sings in an incredibly high voice you must change the pitch to higher. Remember that all the songs are not of the same pitch so the pitch percentage should be within 90 to 130 or higher according to the song selected.


5. After you have changed the pitch of the song it's time to export it. Go to File -> Export or else press CTRL+SHIFT+E. If you want to put it on a CD or on your iPod export it as a .wav file.


To export it as a .mp3 file you should download LAME software. LAME is an official encoder for saving audio files as .mp3 and is designed to work with Audacity.

After downloading just install it. You no need to change any location or anything else because Audacity automatically detects the LAME encoder.


I think this article might have helped you to convert a song to chipmunk version. If you have satisfied with the article please don't forget to share it.

If any queries regarding this topic don't forget to comment below. You can suggest new methods of a song to chipmunk song version if any in the comment section so that others could know them.

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