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Udemy is the best eLearning website for students but there are some payment errors/issues due to which students are unable to buy Udemy Courses.

Here is a link for the Failed Course Purchase payment issue according to Udemy. There you can check out different reasons for your course purchase failure.

If you facing this course purchasing problem then this article will help you to buy Udemy courses. Here I have described 4 working methods that you can use to buy Udemy courses.

Let's Get Started...

Before purchasing a course from Udemy you should check whether the course worth it.

Check These:

1. Check the ratings of the course (If it has 5-star rating then it is a great course).

2. Check how many people have enrolled in it. If a large number of students have enrolled then the course is quite successful. However, don't judge the course on this alone because the course might the new one.

3. Watch the preview of the course and find whether the course is best for you.

4. There are some free courses on Udemy. And there are a high number of coupons available to get a free course on Udemy. You can find free coupons on udemycoupon.org (best Udemy Coupons Site).

Check whether a coupon is available or not before purchasing it.

There are many eLearning websites as like Udemy but why should you choose Udemy to enroll in a paid/free course.

Benefits of Udemy :

1. All the courses are prepared by experts in their respective fields.

2. There are more than 40,000 courses available on Udemy.

3. Udemy provides lifetime access to all its courses.

4. Many courses are offered free of cost and coupons are available to get a course for free.

5. By using the Udemy Mobile Application you can download the enrolled courses.

4 Working Methods To Buy Udemy Courses

1. Buy With Google Play Recharge Cards (Highly Recommended)


I have also faced course purchase failure problem like you and me vigorously searched for how to buy Udemy courses. Somewhere I have seen that Udemy courses can be purchased through Google play gift/recharge cards.

In no way, I have downloaded the Udemy Application, purchased a google recharge card and successfully bought my Udemy course.

How to buy a google recharge card...

...For Indians, PayTm is available to buy the google recharge cards.

If you are from outside India, you can use Google play store itself to buy it. If you are unable to buy from Google play store you can go for a merchant to buy it.

Once you have bought your Google Recharge Code, now it's time to download the Udemy app from play store.

Login to udemy account and find the course you wish. After finding it, open the course and click on buy.

Now you will see Redeem payment option, click on it. After that enter your 20 digits Google plays Recharge Code.

Then it will ask for your Google's password enter it. That's all, your course purchase will be successfully completed surely and definitely.

2. Buy with Paypal or (Credit/Debit) Cards

buy with paypal

In my view, PayPal is the second preferable option as for international payments are concerned.

LogIn to your PayPal account and add your preferred payment method. Nothing to worry if you don't have a PayPal account you can easily register on it.

Make sure your PayPal account is verified.


Go to Udemy.org make find your course and click on buy. Now you will see two payment options one is Credit/Debit card payment and other is Paypal payment.

I think you might know how to purchase a course with credit/debit cards as it is very simple.

Select Paypal payment option and enter your Paypal email and password. You will be redirected to PayPal for payment.

Now you can easily purchase through your Paypal payment method or you can add another payment method there itself.

In this way, you can purchase Udemy course through Paypal.

3. Buy With Payoneer Master Card


If you had a Payoneer Master Card it is good enough else try to get it.

Sign up for the Payoneer and apply for a master card. Remember you must 18+ to receive the master card.

No bank account is needed for application but you must need Government ID for verification purpose.

Once you have received your master card you can use for online transactions. In the same way like credit/debit purchase you can use your Payoneer master card to purchase the course.

These are most and successful payment methods that work always. In case you are facing any payment failures you can use the highly recommended method(Google play Recharge Card) alternatively.

Let us move on a bit further...

...to download the Udemy courses.

How To Download A Udemy Course


Here I have a simple method to download the Udmey course rather than to use the python method.

Simply go to the website : Udemy-dl ...

...and download the Udemy-dl.exe.zip file.

After that extract it. Now open the folder and do this CTRL+ Shift + Right click. Now a popup will be opened there you can an option called open command window here, click it.

Your Command prompt will be opened. Now type udemy-dl.exe your Udemy course link.

Example: udemy-dl.exe https://www.udemy.org/course-name/

It will now ask for your Udemy Email and Password, enter them. That's all your course will start downloading.

You can see downloaded course file in the udemy-dl folder itself.

Or Else :

You can use this Allavasoft Software to download courses on Mac and Windows. This software allows you to download Lynda courses, DigitalTutors etc along with Udemy Courses.

It is also a very simple way to download the Udemy courses.

Final Words:

I think you might be enjoyed with this article. The methods which I have listed here will work(95%). And the most recommended method is Google Play Recharge card method.

Once you have bought your course try to download it because you can save your data balance. Of course, it's your wish to download it or not.

If you are facing any payment issues or if you know other payment methods to buy, please comment in the comment section so that other's can know them.

And don't forget to share the article on social media if you really enjoyed it.

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