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best blogging platform
best blogging platform

Selecting a good platform for blogging is a tricky and delicate question for the people who want to get started with blogging and for some newbie bloggers as all the newbie bloggers are not sure about the correct blogging platform they should go on with.

Are you one of the people who might always think about what is the best blogging platform to choose?

If you are one of them then this article will help you to choose a good blogging platform. Not only that this article also focuses on how to get started with blogging.

Are you willing to choose to blog as your career?

In my case, it is probably 'yes' as I have signed in with other works. If you want to make blogging as your career or to blog as a professional then you should donate some amount time for blogging.

Before you gonna get started with blogging you must not take discouragement made by other into your account. You must be sure about what you are doing and what you're going to do.

Why have I mentioned DISCOURAGEMENT in the above?...

...Because there are some people who always make fun of your work due to which some might get diverted or else they might stop their work.

They make fun of you because they don't know about the joy of blogging. If you had a good ecosystem and good friends/people around you then that is quite good.

How To Get Started With Blogging:

getting started with blogging


Once you have chosen to blog or any profession as your career you must dedicate yourself to that work then you will definitely become successful in the path you have chosen.

If you are really passionate about blogging then you can turn your passion into income to settle as a Blogger.

To become a professional blogger you must have three qualities - Faith In Blogging, Interest, and Content Writing Skills.

Once you are going to start blogging it's better to know how to create a blog. Learn how to make a post, page. And also learn how to write content that attracts visitors. Practice until you get perfect.

After you have set right with blog creation then you must concentrate on SEO(Search Engine Optimization). SEO is a technique to increase your page ranking at Google's SERPs.

Without SEO it is hard to get on the first page of Google. Without being on the first page of Google if you are on the second page of Google then it is as like as you are on the 50th page of Google.

How To Turn Your Blogging Passion Into Income:

turning passion to income

You can earn money in many ways through blogging.

1. Adsense: Adsense is a Google's Advertising Platform. You can apply for Adsense and once your Adsense account is approved then you can place Adsense ADs on your blog so that you can make money through Ads.

Similar to Adsense - Media.net, Infolinks, BuySellAds, VigLink, Bidvertiser, Amazon Native Ads etc are some advertising platforms similar to Adsense.

2. Affiliate Marketing: It is a performance-based marketing. Here you will get commission per affiliate sale. You can earn a huge amount of money through this than Adsense if you are perfect at affiliate marketing.

These two are the best and better ways through which Bloggers are making money.

After you learned blog creation, SEO and turning your passion into income its time to choose the best blogging platform that is suitable for your Blogging career.

Important Note:

This article might be confusing for some people. If you are confused then leave a comment in the comment section then I will try to solve the problem.

Choosing The Best Blogging Platform

Blogger Platform:


Blogger is Google's blogging platform. It is one of most popular blogging platforms. Many people like YouTubers have created blogs using Google's Blogger.


1. You will get a free blog and free hosting as it is provided by Google.

2. Custom Domain Support for free.

3. High Capacity servers. Even though if you are getting lots of traffic the server won't get down.


1. No High-Quality Themes are available.

2. Most of the blogger templates are not well designed as per SEO.

3. It only supports javascript, jquery languages.

4. Plugins are not available for blogger.


Just the blogger templates are not well optimised for SEO, it doesn't mean that blogger is not suitable for SEO.

When Should You Choose This Platform:

If you don't have prior knowledge in blogging and don't have enough money to move to paid blog networks like WordPress then Google's Blogger is the best place to start.

The problem with Blogger is that they take 32% of your Adsense earnings as they are providing free hosting. In spite of that problem, you can make a good set of money in other ways.

Generate a good number of posts that you can make in first six months as it the most valuable period to set a path to your blogging career. Once you started making money through blogging then you can shift to paid blog networks like WordPress.

WordPress (Highly Recommended) :

wordpress platform

I strongly recommend WordPress for the bloggers who had prior knowledge in blogging. If you had enough money to get started with WordPress then you can.


1. All the WordPress websites are well optimized for SEO.

2. Lots of plugins are available for WordPress Blogs.

3. Themes are well designed for User Interface and also for SEO.

4. If your source of income is Adsense then you will get the full amount of money earned not like Blogger as it takes 32% of your earnings.


1. You have to host your website on your own.

2. Professional themes are costly.

Why do professional bloggers choose to blog in WordPress rather than Google's Blogger:

Simply due to above PROS of WordPress. In my view, WordPress is the best to blog if your able pay it. You can see positive growth of your blog in short time if you worked hard.


It doesn't matter whether you are using WordPress or Blogger if you have a good Content Writing skills and Knowledge in SEO.

People don't see whether you are using WordPress or Blogger, they only need good information. Most usually they trust top 10 results suggested by Google and most probably they click one of the results.

What makes a difference in WordPress User / Blogger User is the SEO and Good Content. If you have the both skills then you can choose Blogger platform to blog.

As I have already said that the problem with Blogger is that they take 32% of your Adsense earning. Omitting that problem Blogger is the best place to blog as it gives free hosting with no server down problems. If you want to get full earning you must move to WordPress.

If you have any doubts you can comment below to get a reply.

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Have A Good Day!!!

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