What is seo – search engine optimization A Beginner's guide

July 31, 2017
seo optimization
Search Engine Optimization Beginner's Guide

What is Seo

Seo commonly knows as search engine optimization, is one of the best techniques to rank your website in the top search results. The major theme of seo is to rank sites with organic (non-paid) search result. In this era of digital world, It is very important and necessary for every webmaster to understand the true meaning of seo and the role it plays in every business. In addition you need to create websites with quality content by making them user friendly. Seo is of three types : 1. White hat seo, 2. Black hat seo and 3. Grey hat seo. Moreover it is separated in to two parts 1. On page Optimization and 2. Off page Optimization. It is a piece of cake but you must try hard enough to become a professional and also get familiarized on how a search engine work in addition. While you are working on seo, think it as a game and give a tough battle to your competitors.

Why Seo Is Important

At present there are millions of websites and search engines are very skilled in giving a proper result related to the search terms. When users search for a specific topic with related keyword, search engines shows a plenty of results but users are more likely to pick a result from the top 5 recommendations in the results pages (SERPS).

  • Seo wil put your website in the top of search engine results page (SERP) . So , your site could get huge organic traffic.
  • Search engine optimization places your website ahead of your competitors websites . If two business websites are of the same thing, the search engine optimized website is more like to get large number visitors and they could see a scorching pace of growth in their business.

Types Of Search Engine Optimization


1. White Hat Seo

It refers to the usage of optimization techniques and tactics that obeys search engine guidelines . It is also called Ethical Seo or Organic Seo . It helps in good rankings and protects your site from Panda, Penguin and Humming Bird Attacks which are programmed to eradicate suspicious techniques used for increasing page rank.

White Hat Seo Techniques

  • Making user-friendly quality content . As a matter of fact , the quality of content helps in increasing traffic without seo.
  • Have a good website structure and well-formed content(i.e dividing into paragraphs) that make an user easy to navigate and read.
  • Usage of structural (Semantic) mark up and Effective keyword usage.
  • Content written by understanding the search intent of users.
  • Making Quality Inbound (External links) and Outbound (Internal) links.

2. Black Hat Seo

It refers to the usage of suspicious techniques to rank website in SERPS without considering search engine guidelines . It may rank you high but there a huge chances in deindexing of your website from SERPS because all search engines don't encourage this type of double-dealing techniques.

Black Hat Seo Techniques

  • Making Hidden content . Most popular way of hiding content is the usage of Comments Tags and Noscript Tags.
  • Keyword Stuffing - using the main keyword repeatedly in a particular page . It can also be called Keyword Stacking.
  • Writing irrelevant content and meta descriptions and usage of irrelevant keywords.
  • Making large number of spam or artificial inbound links . Buying links from other sites.
  • Social media spamming , Blog comment spamming.
  • Page swapping - Changing the content of an indexed page and ranked page that is completely different from the keyword used for searching.
  • Link farms - Seeking links from others with low quality or irrelevant content.

3. Grey Hat Seo

It is the usage optimization techniques and tactics to trick the search engines. It is some what riskier than white hat seo , there are 50-50 chances in being banned by the search engines.

Grey Hat Seo Techniques

  • Making fake account rather than a brand account in social media and promoting your website on such accounts.
  • Re-designing your website periodically . If text and code changes search engines think it as a fresh content.
  • Asking or inviting people to comment on your blog pages.
  • Making links to yourself when ever you put a comment on other blogs.
  • Social media spamming , Blog comment spamming.
  • Clicking on share buttons yourself several times.
  • Copying content from more than one site and mixing the content gathered from their sites and publish it in your site.

Parts Of Search Engine Optimization


1. On Page Seo

On page seo refers to the optimization factors that you can do within your website. It is the crucial part that decides your rankings and mainly depends on the Keywords, Content, Internal links and Image Optimization. To tell the truth, If you have done on page optimization well for your website you can not only increase your ranking in SERPS but also can increase overall readability of your website for your visitors. For every web master who thinks to rank their site organically, On page seo is must and it play a key role in your rankings in search results page (SERP).

Every one thinks to rank their website in the top of search results but it hasn't been the easiest thing for many. Day-by-day search engines are becoming more intelligent and smarter, so you must be aware of all the things that effect your rankings.

Before doing On page Optimization you should how to choose a keyword for your topic and you must be smart enough to know why an user searched for that particular keyword. You must satisfy him by giving the correct answer.

         Buy a Blue Yeti Microphone.
         Blue Yeti Microphone Review.

Both phrases are geared towards the same thing - Blu Yeti Microphone but the user search intent for both keywords is slightly different.

People searching for the first phrase are ready to make a purchase whereas searching for the second one are looking for the information to help them decide whether to buy or choose a different product.

On Page Seo Techniques

  • Put the targeted keyword in your website's Page Tile, Page Url. Make sure your title need not exceed 60 characters. Make natural page title and url with the targeted keyword.
  • Use your keyword in H1 tag, in the first paragraph and in sub-heading ( H2, H3, strong /bold, i(italic), u(underline) ).
  • Use the synonyms of the main keyword and also make long tail keywords. Make sure your keyword must present 2-5% in a page content. Usage of the main keyword varies depending on the length of the content. Write perfect Meta Description within 160 characters.
  • Optimize your website speed. It is quite good to have site speed less than 3s. Use Pingdom Site Speed Tool to check your wesite speed.
  • Optimize your images with your main keyword. Give it a name and alternate text (Alt tag) with the you targeted keyword.
  • Content is the king. Write keyword rich quality content more than 800 words. Your ranking is mainly based on the content you create to engage with your users. It is not necessary to have 800 words in content all the time but it is good to have at times.
  • Create valid internal links. That is, link the pages with relevant content. So that users can easily read the other relevant topics related with content. And add related posts at the bottom of every page so that it decreases the bounce rate.
  • Also add social sharing buttons top page. Add them either as floating buttons or inline buttons.

2. Off Page Seo

Unlike On page Seo, Off page seo refers to the optimization factors that you do outside your website. It is mainly based on the Link Building , Social Media Marketing and Social Bookmarking. This helps to make your website more popular on internet, so you can get more visibility. Search engines rank your website by considering various factors. Off page optimization is important because Social signs and backlinks will decide your rank in SERPS.


Two websites A and B are ranked at first two positions in SERPS. If B gains more social sign and clicks than A, then search engines moves B to first position. Not only social signs but also there are more factors which decide the rankings.

  • The most prominent and effective method in off seo is Link Building. Generally by building links to your website you are trying to get more 'points' as you can, so that you can move ahead of your competitors. If you have more links pointing to your website, then your trying to tell search engines that this page have a good information.
  • From the last ten years webmaster have been looking up to build links to their websites and have found several to build links (Backlinks).
  • Backlinks are nothing but a link that is pointing to your website/ webpage from other niche(related) sites. You can build links through Blog commenting, Forum commenting, Guest-Posting, Social bookmarking, Search Engine Directory Submission, Photo/ Video Sharing.
  • Forum / Blog Commenting are most like to be same because you just post a comment and places a link back to your site.
  • Guest posting - publishing a post in another high page rank websites. This guest posting directly boosts your traffic so that you can engage with your users. More engagement with them helps to convert users to regular customers to your blog. Through guest posting you will get valuable natural backlinks.
  • Social Bookmarking - posting your blog post in high PR social bookmarking websites. There nearly 250 high PR and 30 High authority social bookmarking sites like Pinterest.com, reddit.com, stumbleupon.com, delicious.com etc.
  • Search Engine Directory Submission - submitting your to search engine directories like Yahoo directory, pligg, spider-robot etc. It is also important because search engine need at least one backlink to crawl the entire website . Some directories takes time to approve like gigablast.com, webworldindex.com, usgeo.org etc and some makes instant approval like submissionsbank.com, linksindexed.com, reversedlinks.com etc.
  • Photo/ video sharing : you can link by sharing a photo/ video on other sites just like as a guest posting.
  • Social media marketing is just promoting your on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, Google plus, Youtube etc.


As search engines are becoming smarter natural way of optimizing you website is best. Search engine optimization makes you feel harder but is simple if you try hard enough. Off site seo is as important On page seo to decide your rankings. When you are building links don't think of the easy ways, but try to get links from hard places. The more hard to get a link the more value it has.

While you are making content forget about off site seo link building because a smarter person would give more preference to on site seo than off site seo and write fresh quality content for the users not for the search engines. My advice is to put all your skills and efforts in making a great website, promote it in a correct manner and everything else will follow.

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