If you are one of the HP laptop users then your data is likely to be stolen. Yes, what you are listening is true. A security researcher Michael Myng discovered a pre-installed keylogger in more than 460 HP Laptops which records all your keystrokes that you type on your keyboard. He reported this security vulnerability to HP company. The company confirmed the keylogger presence in its laptops and said that it was basically a debug trace which might be caused in the development process. Moreover, The company said that the keylogger was disabled by default, it can be enabled via Windows Registry only by a user with administrative privileges (UAC) . Related: How To Make A Keylogger Using Notepad (Simple Trick) What is a Keylogger? People with less technical knowledge might not know about keyloggers. The name keylogger itself gives an idea of what it is. It is a hardware add-on or software which is used by third party person hackers to steal your data that you type on y
December 15, 2017

How To Remove Pre-Installed Keylogger From Your HP Laptop

People are very interested in downloading videos from Facebook, Youtube and as well as WhatsApp Statuses. But, many don't know how to download them. In spite of your thoughts, it is very easy to do that process without using any application. Why People are very keen to download videos: As we already know Youtube and Facebook are the top social networks in the world. Every day billions of people hit their sites to surf videos and posts. While surfing videos they might be attracted to some videos and wish to download them, it might be related to education, entertainment, facts or whatever it may be. Related: How To Identify Fonts Used In Any Photo Or Image (Best Trick) People will do vigorous research on their mobiles and laptops to download videos from Youtube and Facebook. Some may get succeed and some may not. And also I have seen people searching to download WhatsApp statuses which their friends post. For all of them, this article is the best place to get their w
December 11, 2017

How To Download Whastapp Statuses And Videos From Facebook, Youtube

Identifying fonts used in an image: You might be wondered to detect fonts in pictures. And you might have some questions in your mind like "Is it possible?" . As the technology is becoming more advanced day-by-day your questions and doubts are becoming fail. But things happening are quite opposite to your thoughts. The things which you have never thought of before are becoming possible with the latest technology which we have now. Let's be frank, If you have seen a stunning and beautiful font somewhere online or in an image that you'd like to include/use in your own project, how do know what the font is called? Related: How To Convert A Song To Chipmunk Version In Audacity Have you ever thought of identifying the font for the text used in an image if copy-pasting the text is impossible? Even tougher, what about when the font is embedded in an image? It might take you hours to identify the font used in an image. Here are we with an easy solution for this
December 11, 2017

How To Identify Fonts Used In Any Photo Or Image (Best Trick)

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